A warm house…finally

After lots of laboring the past few days, we have finally got to the stage where we can say the household is fully heated, which is fantastic news, and a huge weight off my back. That was some hard work, and I think i’m right to say a job well done too.

our wood stoveTo give you an idea of the conversions and work carried out, we now have several sources of heat ranging from more traditional sources like wood stoves, to fireplace inserts and electric heaters.

The garage is the only place (which is soon to be our home gym), which doesn’t currently have a fully implemented heating system, but there are plans in place to do so, and it will most likely be an electric heater of some kind. More details on that later.

The bedroom are all running on a central heating system which naturally warms the house through thermostat, but we are not limited to that, as it can get pretty chilly here at times. So we have decided to find a good wood stove, preferably one that is easy to load up on logs for a long lasting burn. This will be placed in our living area, near the TV. There is nothing more homely than the flicker of light from the fire in the evening, let me tell you that now! UPDATE: As you can see, we got the stove! We love it, and it fits perfectly with the decor. What’s more it allows you to see the flames through the window, which was kind of a requirement of my wife, which is a bonus!

Then in the bathroom, we have got a simple infrared heater, because there is still some insulation work going on. That is a portable, temporary solution to that problem though, and hopefully we will be free of that soon enough. Along with that insulation project in the walls, there will most likely be a need to do something beneath the tiles and shower. First of all we want to get some form of underfloor heating in place to keep your feet toasty warm even in the middle of the night. Secondly, we are looking into several possibilities with the shower. It does appear that it could do with some modernization, as it’s currently a dual bathtub/shower. But both of these will be another job for my building tools, another day.

Overall, thing are looking up, DIY has never been my forte, but i’m starting to believe in my abilities a bit more the more of this project I complete. Of course, i’m getting plenty of tips off the net to help me on my way too.