Making progress on the home gym

When I first started out on this home improvement journey, I wanted to concentrate on building the essentials first. But as fate would have it, I need to fit all the cardio equipment simply because it’s beginning to get in the way and making life more difficult to move around the house. So far, we have replaced the electric switches along with ordering a new heating system to ensure the gym is reasonably warm when working out in the winter months.

We have also knocked a wall down to make a bigger doorway to carry the treadmill and elliptical trainers through. This in itself has been a workout and will be something i’ll be glad is over when all is said and done.

Plenty more left to do though such as ensuring the right flooring is in place as well as the rubber impact mats needed to keep the recumbent bike in place. We have also ordered several weight plates for my barbell to replace the aging equipment already there, as well as a motorized treadmill and a spinning bike for my son, who prefers the more intensive forms of workouts such as high intensity interval training. I must say, I’ve seen that going on in one of his spin classes, and it looks extremely difficult to keep up at the pace they are peddling at.

Mirrors are going up along the wall as soon as they get delivered. These will be fantastic for monitoring your form throughout all parts of a workout. We also want to ensure there is some good sound system in place to listen to some motivational tunes while exercising.

Pictures will be coming upon job completion, I have got a good few that shows the work before and after, i’m really happy with the results so far. But we still think there is room for improvement.