New toilet and bathroom decorations

The time has come to give our bathroom a complete overhaul. There are numerous things we would like to achieve in doing so. We feel the paint and tiles need changing, or perhaps modernizing. Sometimes I feel like we’re in the 80’s when I walk in that room. We will be looking for something with quite a minimal but easy on the eye color, such as cotton white, or cream. Both work great with sunlight. There is also the issue of replacing the old plumbing fixtures such as the toilet which we go into in more detail below.

After living for too long with a older toilet that was consuming ridiculous amounts of water when you flush, we have decided to go out and look for a water efficient toilet, which typically consume far less, bordering between 1.6 GPF and below. and The Toilet Throne have some fantastic guides that helped us choose a good toilet through using their reviews and recommendations.

We have to be careful when choosing a new one simply because we have to find something that fits the shape of the room and has the correct rough in measurements. So I have measured that today and we found it came with a 12 inch rough in. Good news as I thought it was going to be a measurement that lacks diversity in choice. This is not the case however. In my research, I have found multiple toilets that could be well suited for our needs. The main thing to consider now is what brand we want. We are leaning towards Kohler or TOTO, but we can’t completely rule out American Standard either. All of these have got some great features that will be highly beneficial to us.

The floor is currently carpeted. Not ideal for a wet environment in my opinion. This will be getting ripped up in the near future and replaced with tiles or wood. Probably large white, hexagonal tiles. Underfloor heating is something else that is being considered as we love the idea behind stepping out of the shower and the floor being toasty warm and comfortable.

This is something we envision to be a 3 week task that I will be bringing a few friends in to help me with the areas I lack the expertise. Photos will follow upon completion that will show before, mid way through the process, and the finished article. Speak soon.