The garden tasks are stacking up against us

The amount of tasks that lay in front of us, can be overwhelming at times, but me and my family know that if we want to make progress towards our dream home, we need to take the appropriate steps and work hard until we get just that.

With so much of our work and focus on the inside of the house, we haven’t really had a chance to address whats going on outside yet. When we first got the house at auction we knew there was plenty of work that needed to be done, but we weren’t aware just how much was needed in the outdoors too. The majority of trees and bushes we have out there have become so overgrown that we are seriously considering getting a power tool to do the job for us. Pole saws are one of the first things that came to mind when thinking about the maintenance of trees and their limbs and branches. We have got several ideas as to what model we need using the helpful buying guide provided on .

We don’t believe the work will be stopping there either as we have some hedges that have been causing problems on the fence posts that run down the driveway that links to the back yard. These will need to be pruned and trimmed back to a manageable size in the next couple of weeks.

We have a superb decking area that’s going to waste too with rotting wood found on the steps leading you up to a nice seating area. This will need to be replaced and repaired and we will also be re painting that whole area with varnish to give it a newer feel. Alongside that, we will be getting some kind of outdoor heating system that will allow us to chill outside in the evening without feeling cold.

The possibilities are endless, it’s just putting the plan into action at the moment that we’re finding quite difficult. But all in all, we’re slowly getting there and hope to have the full house completed by October.

UPDATE: We have just purchased a new pole saw which has been making light work of the branches and overhangs so far. Why we didn’t get this sooner we will never know. Shortcuts are the way forward.